The Snow Bengal Cat Complete Guide [2020]

snow bengal cat

Snow Bengal cat is a hybrid between Bengal cats and Siamese cats. Snow Bengal is one of the most beautiful looking cat breeds in the world. They are an athletic, agile, and graceful cat with stronger muscular body. Snow Bengal cat looks exotic as if they belong in the ice world.

History of Snow Bengal Cat

This is a man-made cat breed, created by crossing gene pools of Bengal cat with other domestic cats like Siamese cat & Burmese cat. The first snow Bengal cat (Snow Lynx) appeared in the early ’90s. However, the original variation of this cat was the result of the albino gene in the Siamese cat gene pool.

Thanks to Gogees and Nola, two cat breeders who carried out experiments from the late ’80s to early ’90s to increase the gene pool. The first success came when they breed Bengal cat and Burmese domestic cat.

Types of Snow Bengal Cat

types of snow bengal cat,Seal Lynx Point, Seal Mink seal specia,

There are three types of snow Bengal cats:

  1. Seal lynx Point
  2. Seal Mink
  3. Seal Sepia

Seal Lynx Point Snow Bengal Cat

Seal Lynx point snow Bengal cat also known as Snow Seal Lynx Bengal. This breed of snow Bengal kitten born completely white with blue eyes. As they grow up light-dark colour appear on their body. Its takes a few months for the final colour to appear.

The patterns of its coat are like creamy cappuccino colour. They have brown edging around their mouth and with a brownish-pink nose.

Seal Mink Snow Bengal Cat 

Seal Mink has chocolate-coloured patterns on its white body. The colour is lighter than Seal Lynx but not as light as Seal Sepia. However, the colours may get darken with its age.

The Seal Mink born with greenish-blue or aqua blue eyes and with a pinky nose.

Seal Sepia Snow Bengal Cat 

Seal Sepia snow Bengal is also known as brown Bengal.  Though this cat looks brown, but if you notice carefully you will see it isn’t brown actually.

Snow Sepia does not have blue eyes instead they have gold/brown or green eyes. Seal Sepia nose is red brick colour and has dark black feet.

Snow Bengal Cat Characteristics & Personality 

characteristics and personality of snow bengal cat

The Snow Bengal cat’s most striking characteristic is its beautiful coat which comes in many different colours: Lynx Point Tabby, Sepia Tabby and Mink Tabby

Some of the Bengal cats receive the “glitter” gene which gives their hairs with an iridescent sheen and makes it look as if it has been sprinkled with glitter or is sparkling in the sun. Following are the characteristics of snow Bengal cats:

Hyperactive, Playfulness and Energetic

Snow Bengal cats are also well-known for their incredible hyperactivity. They are full of curiosity and active players with lots of energy.

They aren’t likely to be the ones to doze on the couch all day. Hence, they love to play fetch, catch laser dots, and with interactive cat-friendly toys.

Bengal cats mostly surround themselves with those who will pay attention to them. Since they are full of energy; they love to jump, climb, and hide in the most unlikely places.

Make sure to keep a tall cat climbing tree handy, the higher the better.

Extremely Intelligent

Snow Bengal Cats are a highly intelligent active breed. With their high IQ, they are likely to be very sensitive which makes them quite a trouble makers to their owner.

Because of their high intelligence, they are also very good at stealing and destroying random (even expensive or precious) objects, running off with them, and staring down other animals just for laughs.

Bengal Cats can understand human movements, expressions and can adjust their behaviour to it. They are amazingly capable of opening drawers and cabinets to search for interesting toys or food.

However, they demand a lot of interaction so, no amount of toys will ever keep them happy always. Their brain needs to be challenged and they need to keep interested in various new games and providing them with interactive or puzzle toys.


All kinds of Bengal cats are good at learning various tricks. They are easily trainable and can be taught basic tricks such as ‘sit’, ‘stay’, ‘high five’, and ‘lie down’.

Plus they can also discover bad behaviours like how to open doors, flush the toilet frequently, turn switches on and off and even lift up bin lids. The video below shows how to train a Bengal cat:

Excellent Hunters

Snow Bengal Cats are highly exceptional hunters because of their wild traits. Owners can control this particular tendency of their cats by only exposing or supervised them to small animals such as birds, rodents, and other household pets regularly while they are kittens (They are animals after all).

It’s said that mice won’t be Bengal cat’s only victim. So sometimes owners shouldn’t be shocked to get a large collection of several animals such as squirrels, birds, and moles.

Affectionate with Family, Kids and Other Animals

Along with their wild side, Snow Bengal Cats are a highly affectionate breed. These cats tend to love their humans, follow family members around the home if they are properly raised.

They love big families and can easily get along well with both kids or older children and other animals such as other cats, dogs, and even parrots.

Bengal Cats are loving breeds that form a close bond with those with whom they share their living space.

Snow Bengal Cat Size & Length 

There is no size difference between snow Bengal and other Bengal cats (Brown Bengal).  The size of snow Bengal varies on its gender, where males are slightly larger than females. The average weight of Snow Bengal is 8 lbs. to 15 lbs and The average length of an adult snow Bengal cat is 68cm.

The average weight of the male Bengal cat is 10 lbs. to 15 lbs.

The average weight of a female Bengal cat is 8 lbs. to 12 lbs.

Snow Bengal Cat Life Expectancy

The average life expectancy of snow Bengal cats is 14 to 16 years.

Snow Bengal cats are known to be a healthy cat breed, but as they grow up they can get infected with some genetically inherited disease.  Which reduce their average life expectancy.

What to Feed Your Snow Bengal Cat [Guide]

Snow Bengal cat eats a lot like minimum twice a day. If you want to give your cat a healthy life you must know what you can feed them and what you can’t.

If your snow Bengal have behavioural issues then there is a chance that they are not happy with their diet.

Snow Bengals loves eating raw diets like raw meat, bones and organs.   The ancestors of Bengal cat are from wild, and it might surprise you that cat does not cook their food in the wild. This is why Snow Bengal loves eating a raw diet.

Do not feed Snow Bengal cooked bones.  Cooked bones are very dangerous for cats and they can cause vomits and other health problems. As long as the bones are raw they can handle them properly.

You can feed your Bengals chopped up chicken bones and muscle meat. Do not worry about feeding them other cat fruits or vegetable. All you can feed them is meat, meat and lots of meat (Bengal cat body knows what to do with meat)

If you are feeding your cat dry food or can food, something it can dehydrate your cat. Because this food does not have much water in it.

However, cat in the wild does not eat much water because they are getting it from raw meat.  Actually meat contains fairly high water content. So changing your snow Bengal diet with raw meat will never dehydrate them.

Snow Bengal Cat Price

Snow Bengal cat is one of the rarest cat breeds, this is why the price of snow Bengal cat goes always higher. Depending on its breed the price of snow Bengal can range from $500 to $3000 USD. However, there are many factors that can influence the price of snow Bengal cats such as generation, quality, age and, demand. snow Bengal Cat with blue eyes has more demand and usually goes for a higher price. Know more about snow Bengal cat price.

Bengal Cat Related Question 

What are the health problems of snow Bengal cats? Most of the Bengal cats health problems are genetically inherited. Mostly they suffer from hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (heart disease), eyes problems, joint pain, etc.

How often should I give my snow Bengal cat a Bath? You can bath your snow Bengal cat every 4 to 6 weeks. Do not bath your cat too often, they will lose essential oil from their fur which may reduce their natural hair glow.

Are snow Bengal cat trainable? Snow Bengal cat is an intelligence species of cats, they can be easily trained to do certain things.





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