27 Food Cat Can Eat & Can’t Eat: Complete Guide 2021

can cat eat apples, banana, melon, dog food

Cat is a type of animal that can not eat all types of foods ( their digestive system is adopted to all kinds of food). Though there are some kinds of food your cat may like to to eat, but it can be harmful for them. I did a quick research on different types of food your cat can eat and cant eat.

Read on to know more about foods that are safe for cats and foods that you should avoid:



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Can Cat Eat Apples? Sure!

Yes, a cat can eat an apple. Apple is considered as healthy and good food for a cat and they like it most. But you have to cut it, slice it, and prepare it by yourself. While cutting the apple you must have to ensure that the seeds of the Apple are removed properly. Because the cat doesn’t like apple seeds and feeding apple seed could be dangerous for cats. Also read my recent article on can cat eat plum.

Can Cat Eat Bananas? In Moderation

Yes, cat can eat bananas, but sometimes some cat can experience an allergic reaction. So, before feed bananas to your cat make sure how it reacts.

Bananas are very healthy and deliciously good food. The cats mostly like the softness of bananas which is really good for them too. You know, scientifically it’s proven that bananas are very healthy to eat.

You must feed your cat a banana every week. If you prepare it by yourself then it will be tastier and your cat will eat it by himself. However, some cat doesn’t like banana because of its sweet test. So, don’t be surprised if your cat doesn’t eat a banana at all. 

Can Cat Eat Nuts? Not Recommended

It is best to feed your cat normal nuts that are prepared by yourself. But if a cat eats the nuts by himself, it might not be good for his health.

Because some of the nuts are unhealthy and aren’t good for cats. Most cats don’t like it or eat it. So, if you want to feed nuts to your cat then you must prepare it by yourself. You should discuss with your vet to choose good food for your cat.

Can Cat Eat Berries? Sure!

Yes, your cat can eat berries too. We all know that all kinds of food aren’t healthy for cats but you can give your cat blueberries to eat. Blueberry is a healthy and tasty good food and the cat loves to eat it. Bananas and blueberries are beneficial and more nutritious food for a pet cat.

Can Cat Eat Melon? In Moderation (remove seeds from melon)

The cat can eat melon. Melon is a great natural healthy food source for a cat. This food can provide some antioxidants for your cat. We know that antioxidant is very helpful for cats.

You can slice the melon into small pieces to help your cat eat it easily. But make sure that you don’t feed your cat too much because too much melon isn’t good for your cats. know more about the consequence of feeding melon to cats.

Can Cat Eat Carrot? In Moderation! Avoid Feeding Raw Carrot

Yes, your cat can eat carrot. Carrot is a type of vegetable food for cats. It has vitamin C, vitamin K, and some rich nutrition. If you want your cat to be more healthy and powerful then feeding carrot is best for your cat.

Both humans and cats like some vegetable in common. But before feeding it to your cat you must clean it and slice it, though most of the cats like to eat the whole carrot by gripping it.

Can Cat Eat Fish? Sure! Do Not Feed Regularly

Though sometimes cats can eat fish too. But stop feed fish regularly because it contains a high level of fatty acid. Too much fatty acid in the diet of your cat cause vitamin E deficiency and also cause vomit.

 You see all around the world, most of the cat likes to eat fish because fish is a healthy food that they tend to like to eat it. But if you prepare it by yourself including some nutrition then it will be good for your cat. Cat vet always advised feeding your cat fresh fish. Mostly fish Substitutes are good for cat health. And for a healthier cat, you must make sure to accurately prepare fish to feed your cat

Can Cat Eat Cake? Sure! Avoid Chocolate Cake

Cake is a very delightful good food for cats. Most of the cats love to eat it. There are various types of cakes made in different countries. But cats mostly like fresh cake but not those which are made of chocolate. Since cats don’t like to eat chocolate much.

So they prefer to eat normal fresh cakes. If you have enough time then you should sometimes prepare cakes by yourself for your cat. Many cake shops already have this type of sweet cake special menu specially made for cats. You can also buy from those shops to feed your cat.

Can Cat Eat Potatoes? In Moderation

Some cats like to eat potatoes and some don’t. But most cat loves sweet potatoes. Potatoes have gluten-free carbohydrates. You should prepare ripe potatoes and properly cook for your cats because unripe potatoes aren’t good for them. You can make potatoes tastier by using some ingredients while cooking it. I believe if you cook it properly your cat will surely like it and eat it.

Can Cat Eat Peas? Sure!

Yes, your cat can eat it. Green peas have many extra carbohydrates which is very healthy for your cat. Many southeast countries people like to prepare peas to feed their cat.

Since peas are low-cost food so people can buy it easily. If you get enough time, you should sometimes prepare some peas for your lovely kitty.

Can Cat Eat Rice? In Moderation

Yes, the cat likes to eat rice. Cat doesn’t require a very high-level requirement list. It’s ok if you want to feed your cat rice. But while you cook it by yourself, you can add some fish fry with it so that it will be more delicious for your cats.

There are multiple types of rice, like white rice, black rice, low-cost, low-level rice. But it’s advised that you should feed only white rice which will be very essential for your pet cat.

Can Cat Eat Biscuits? Sure!

You ever noticed that when you take a cup of tea and having some biscuits, your cat is frequently walking around you and try to eat the biscuits. When you give them the biscuits they jump over the biscuits and eat it delightfully. Nowadays many bakeries made special biscuits for pets. You can also buy various testy biscuits easily to feed your cat. Your cat will be very happy too.

Can Cat Eat Bread? Not Recommended!

Not a good one, because the bread doesn’t contain much nutrition. But sometimes cats can eat it. We can see some cats like to eat bread and some other cats don’t like it. So you have to observe your cat’s mood.

If your cat doesn’t like to eat bread then you shouldn’t give them that. You must give the food which your cat likes to eat the most.

Can Cat Eat Chocolate? Nope  

No, the cat doesn’t really like chocolate. Because chocolate contains a high level of theobromine. Cats can’t eat that. A cat always likes yummy twisting food.

They don’t like some types of chocolate such are made from Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and other flavoured chocolate. If you want to see your cat in good health then you should remove chocolate from your cat’s food menu.

 Can Cat Eat Mouse? Nope  

I believe we all saw on television that cats always try to catch mouses and eat them. But often this thing isn’t quite right since the cat doesn’t usually like to eat mouses.

Because the mouse isn’t that tasty so the cat doesn’t want to eat it. Cat only tries to catch mouses to play with them sometimes and after that they kill them. There are several kinds of delicious food exists in every country, so cats don’t necessarily need to eat a mouse.

Can Cat Eat Meat? Sure!

Yeah, the cat always likes to eat meat, and lamb meat is the best choice for feeding your pet cat. A cat eats mostly likes to eat various meat like lamb meat, chicken meat, cow meat, etc.

The raw meat is good but if you cook it properly for your cat, it will be tastier for them. If you have enough budget, you can buy some fresh meat for your kitty. Many cats love soft lamb meat because it’s easy to eat. It will be very delicious and healthier for your cat.

Can Cat Eat Bones? Sure

Cats love to eat bones, especially when it’s soft. Most of the cats often like to eat fish and fish bones. Bones have calcium and other essential helpful elements. You can separate bones from your prepared meal to feed your cat or you can buy some bones too.

Can Cat Eat Onions? Nope

Not recommended. Overall around the world, cats don’t like to eat onions. Because the onion has some nasty smell and pet animals extremely hate it.

Not only cats but also various other pets don’t like to eat onion. So you should remember to remove all the product which is made of onion from your cat’s food list.

Can Cat Eat Garlic? Nope

No, cats can’t eat that. Because garlic has some nasty and spicy smell like onions including some toxins too. And these toxins can sometimes kill your pet. Moreover, the garlic doesn’t have any taste and no extra useful ingredients. That’s why the cat doesn’t like to eat Garlic.

Can Cat Eat Grapes? Nope

Cats don’t like to eat grapes. Grapes are usually sour to eat and the cat doesn’t like sour food. Feeding grapes to your cat is unhealthy and risky. There are many types of fruits, you should try those fruit which your cat likes to eat. And I’m sure your cat will be very happy to eat their favourite fruits. So you should avoid feeding your cat this type of sour fruit.

Can Cat Eat Alcohol? Nope

Cats don’t like to drink alcohol. It isn’t right to feed your cat alcohol. If you feed them alcohol it may be harmful to them and can even kill your cat or put him on coma.

Alcohol has many side-effects for cats. It’s also dangerous for humans. So you must not give that to drink to your cat.

Can Cat eat Mushroom? In Moderation

Few cats eat mushrooms but most cats don’t like to eat it. If you cook mushrooms by yourself, and if your cat wants to eat it, then you can give them those cooked mushrooms, otherwise don’t try to feed them forcefully.

Sometimes mushrooms do provide health benefits and make the cat healthy, but you only feed them when they want to eat it.

 Can Cat Eat Dairy Product? Sure!

Not suggested these such as, milk, butter, buttermilk, etc. Most of the cat likes to eat dairy food, but few of them don’t like to eat. You can see that in every different place that cats drink milk, eat various dairy products. So you can feed your cat various dairy products too.

Can Cat Eat Egg? In Moderation

Yes, a cat can eat eggs. It’s similar to other food like fish, milk, peas, etc. A cat needs numerous types of necessary things like amino acid, calcium, protein, etc. and egg can overcome these necessary things.

If you boil an egg and give it to your cat it will be very essential for your cat’s health. I suggest that you should feed your cat an egg every day, it would be healthy for your cat’s health.

Can Cat Eat Broccoli? Sure !

Yes, Cat likes to eat broccoli. Many western country’s cats are seen very happy to eat this broccoli. It’s one of the most important healthy vegetables.

As an owner of a cat, you like to feed broccoli to his cat. The broccoli has vitamin C and many supplementary ingredients. It helps your cat grow faster and keep healthier.

Can Cat Eat Hot Food? Nope

Any kind of tasty food which is healthy is good for your cat. You should buy various healthy food for your cat and feed them by yourself. But if you try to feed your cat hot cooked food, it might burn your cat’s mouth.

Your cat won’t feel good and can’t take any kind of food for a few days. It would be very risky for your cat’s health. So always feed your cat when the food is warm-hot.

Can Cat Eat Dog foods? Not recommended

No, you can’t give your cat the dog food for feeding. Because your cat won’t like to eat that dog food. Dog food and cat food was made by different ingredient, and the cat doesn’t like those dog ingredients.

So, I hope you won’t feed your cat those types of dog food which they don’t like to eat.

Here I am giving a shortened food list which can help you to easily identify the foods to feed your cat:- Beef, fish, milk, broccoli, salmon, liver, tuna, eggs, rice, peas, bread melon, etc.

Fruits: Apple, Bananas, melon, berry, etc.

Vegetable: Broccoli, spinach, carrot, beans, potatoes, etc.

Here I am giving a shortened list of those food that you should avoid giving to you cats:-

Alcohol, grapes, dog food, Coffee, Garlic, Onion, chocolate, etc.

Did I Answer Everything You Wanted To Know About Food Cat Can Eat & Can’t Eat?

At last, I want to say that cats like to eat various tasty foods, and sometimes they don’t like some other foods. And few foods they seriously can’t eat, since that food might be very harmful to their health.

If you follow the rules and regulations and properly observe your cat’s choices, you can keep your cat very healthy and energetic. We know that a pet cat is a pretty big part of our life. People love them as a member of the family. We all adore our cats very much and we should take care of cats.


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