Do Maine Coons Like to Be Groomed?

do maine coons like to be groomed

Imagine hosting a party with a cat whose coat isn’t pleasing. You won’t enjoy seeing it when it purrs around you especially when you have guests with you. A clean Maine Coon is what everyone wants to see.

When it lies on your chairs or beds, wouldn’t you enjoy its company when it is neat rather that when it’s undercoat is matted? Most people are often confused and ask themselves, “Do Maine Coons likes to be groomed?”

This guide will go into detail whether main coons like to be groomed or not and the 14 tools needed to get your Main Coon looking like the bell of the ball!

Do Maine Coons Like to Be Groomed? 14 Tools To Do The Trick!

No, Maine Coons don’t like to be groomed. Despite that, having your cat get accustomed to this necessary act matters. Cleanliness is always associated with any Maine Coon. The way you do the grooming determines whether your cat will enjoy the process or not. If done properly, your kitten will grow to love the grooming process.

How To Groom a Main Coon Cat

It is always advisable to make your Maine coon used to the grooming process when it is at its young age. This is done using a brush with soft bristles to avoid hurting it. If by mistake the cat feels pain during the act, you might not enjoy the repercussion. A cat needs to stay chilled during the process which is achieved using a calm approach.

The Process of Grooming Your Main Coon.

You can’t just take a few minutes to brush a cat’s fur and say that you are done with its grooming. The process involves intensive care on every part of its body to ensure that it is thoroughly clean.

You should be prepared to spent much of your time doing the cleaning in a soft manner to ensure that your cat is prepared for a next grooming since it enjoyed the act.

14 Tools Required for Grooming Your Main Coon

The tool used to do the grooming should ensure that the act is easier and is being enjoyed by the cat. There are a number of tools to be used to ensure that every part of the cat’s body is touched. Here are some of these tools.

1. Cat grooming gloves.

The best way to get rid of loose fur from a cat is by using grooming gloves that have gentle nodules. This nodules makes the cat to believe that it is only being stroked. It helps the owner to draw the attention of the cat to get prepared for the grooming process.

2. A Soft Brush.

By using a soft brush, you can manage to groom the cat’s fur without hurting it. The entire process requires tools that would make the cat enjoy the act. Therefore, a soft brush creates a warm introduction into the grooming process.

3. A Comb.

A comb helps to tease out knots gently. When trimming the knots it is used to protect the skin of the cat by acting as the boundary between the skin and the scissor. The cat won’t even realize that its knots have been trimmed if you are careful not to hurt it.

4. A Slicker Brush.

Knots need to be loosened and removed before they get large. This process is done by using a slicker brush.

5. Grooming Clippers.

There are cats that are scared and you will require to use a silent grooming kit. If it doesn’t bother on the kind of clipper used, you can proceed to groom it using a quiet clipper which has low vibration.

6. Scissor Set.

A cat’s body and facial hair require different kinds of scissors to be used to trim. There exist pet scissors that have their tips rounded for safety purposes. It is therefore not advisable go for the household scissors since majority of them have their tips pointed. Similarly, the quality of the pet scissor you decide to use matters a lot.

7. Nail Clippers.

It is a common idea to see your Maine coon clawing at things. They at times do harm to your furniture and this should be stopped. A cat nail clipper does trims the claws effectively.

8. Grooming Wipes.

Grooming wipes help to clean dirty parts of the cat such as eyes, fur, and ears. Organic grooming wipes are the best.

9. Pet-Safe Shampoo

Despite the fact that pet-safe cat shampoo is expensive, you have to buy it for your Maine coon. The quality of the shampoo is also important. It should be safe to be used on your cat. Human shampoo shouldn’t be used at all.

10. A Large Soft Bath Towel.

A towel is good to cuddle your cat after bath. Sharing one with the cat has no issue but its preferable to have one for the cat.

11. Cat Tooth Brush.

To avoid the dangers of gingivitis caused by plague, it is advisable to brush your cat’s teeth using a cat’s tooth brush. One with a handle is better though you can use one that slips on your finger if your cat is used to teeth brushing.

12. Cat Toothpaste.

Some owners can decide to use human tooth paste but that isn’t good when a cat swallows. To avoid formation of plague and development of bacteria, you have to purchase a good cat toothpaste.

13. Dental Spray.

This is an alternative to using toothpaste. Some Maine coons might not want the idea of toothbrush and paste so you can use the spray to care for the cat’s dental health.

14. A Flea Comb.

A flea comb helps to check if your cat suffers from fleas. You use it to comb the cat and then wipe the comb on a white surface. Presence of fleas are realized by specks.


Do Maine Coons like to be groomed when you are equipped with all these?

Yes, you might be surprised your that your cat will actually enjoy the grooming process when you incorporate these tools. You should introduce this system when your Maine Coon is a kitten or younger so that at its older age, it will be used to. Most cats that enjoy grooming are irritated if the owners leave them ungroomed for a long time. 


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