Do Maine Coon Cats Make Good Pets? (16 Reasons Why They Do)

do main coon cats make good pets

Yes, they are – especially if you’re looking for a cat that’s very personable and affectionate. If you want a cat that enjoys cuddling up or playing, this could be the breed for you, and because of their beautiful coat, they don’t need much grooming, so that it won’t take up much of your time either.

Maine Coon cats are an extremely popular domestic pet and it isn’t hard to see why. With their large appearance and friendly personalities, they make a great choice for those looking for a cat as a pet.

What do Maine coon cats look like?

As you might expect from their name, these cats have very long hair, soft and dense – just like that prized by sailors during the early 19th century. The coat around their neck comes down to almost their knees, and it’s not unusual for up to three feet of fur to grow from a single ear.

Some say that the length of this fur and their bushy tails inspired Disney animators when creating the character of Puss in Boots.

16 Reasons Why Maine Coon Cats Make Great Pets

1. They Are Intelligent and Easy To Train

Maine Coon Cats tend to be very intuitive and quick learners with an aptitude for following commands like “sit,” “stay,” and “come.” Their intelligence, combined with their playful nature, means that they usually love participating in games and activities such as fetch or playing on a cat tree.

As they can learn tricks such as sitting up and begging, many originally thought that Maine Coons were related to raccoons.

2. They Are Loyal Yet Independent Companions

Unlike some breeds of cats who demand all your time and attention, the Maine Coon Cat makes a fantastic companion for those looking for a pet who will keep themselves amused while you’re out and about.

Independence and intelligence do not mean that they do not require your love and affection, just that they will reciprocate it on their own time and terms rather than yours.

3. They Are Great With Kids

Maine Coon Cats have a gentle and patient nature, making them fantastic family pets as children and other pets can be quite boisterous around them without worrying about hurting the cat’s feelings or getting scratched unintentionally.

If you want to choose a breed of cat who is unlikely to run away from home, then this is the type for you as Maine Coons tend to love exploring and playing in new places (although some caution should be taken if you live close to a busy road).

4. They Are Low Maintenance

Maine Coons may seem like they require a lot of grooming as their thick coat appears always to be getting tangled and matted. However, this is not the case. As long as you brush them regularly (weekly at least), they shouldn’t need anything more than that.

5. They Love Water

Some cats despise being placed in water or even HATE it; they will hiss and scratch at you for disturbing them! Maine Coon Cats, on the other hand, LOVE to play with water and often wash very frequently so they can emulate their bathing habits. This does not mean that you should place your Maine Coon Cat in the bathtub without supervision, though – accidents happen.

6. They Are Cuddly

Some cats like to lay on your chest or lap for a quick nap, whereas the Maine Coon Cat loves to snuggle with you all day long if not given enough attention. They love sitting on their owner’s lap while they work, watch TV or relax in an armchair and value the time spent together cuddled up at night before bed.

7. They Won’t Scratch You

Maine Coons may look like they have claws that could do some serious damage, but in fact, their claws are blunt and act more like soft paws, so they would never hurt you by scratching unexpectedly.

This doesn’t mean that it’s okay to scare them, though, as most Maine Coons hate the sensation of being scared and will show their displeasure by clawing or running away.

8. They Are One of the Most Adaptable Cats

Most breeds of cats will refuse to go into a new house if they find themselves suddenly displaced; however, Maine Coons are not like that at all. As long as there is some vertical surface for them to climb up on, they can usually settle down in any home within a matter of days without getting stressed.

9. They Don’t Mind Traveling

Maine Coon Cats may seem like they need lots of attention when you’re out and about, but this is very rarely the case, especially after the initial few in their new home where they will curl up on the couch and sleep rather than demand to be carried.

hey are also very patient when taking trips in the car or even flying on a plane where they will ride calmly without causing too much disruption.

10. They Will Protect You

The Maine Coon Cat’s tendency to act like the ‘King of the Castle’ means that they would protect their owner from any potential danger by chasing away strangers who come close. If you need someone to keep an eye out for your safety, this is certainly one of the best breeds, which will do so vigilantly.

11. They Don’t Mind Living in Small Spaces

As most cats enjoy having lots of room to play around, live, and hide, it can come as a surprise that such a large breed is so happy to live in small spaces.

12. They Are Less Likely to Get Lost

Maine Coon Cats love exploring new places, and they also have an incredible sense of direction which means they will almost always find their way back home when they get lost or separated from you for any reason.

13. They Won’t Eat Your Food

As Maine Coons were once thought to be semi-feral cats who lived off hunting and fishing for survival rather than being domesticated pets, they may be slightly more inclined to keep themselves well fed at all times, not wanting to rely on their owner’s food supplies if it runs out unexpectedly.

You can be sure that they won’t ever take more food than they need to survive, though.

14. They Are Intelligent

Maine Coon Cats have been known to perform tricks when trained properly, solve complex problems, and even learn their names after hearing them only a few times, making them one of the most intelligent breeds around today.

15. They Will Love Your Unconditionally

No matter how much time or effort you put into caring for your Maine Coon Cat, you can be sure that their undying love and adoration is always there waiting for you in return – no matter what


Does the question “do Maine coon cats make good pets?” still bother you?, Yes, the Maine Coon cat is a lovely breed and makes a wonderful pet if you want something affectionate and relaxed. They tend to form close bonds with their owner and enjoy playing and socializing, so they will keep themselves entertained inside the house.

This breed has no specific health problems but may be affected by allergies or PKD – both of which can be tested for – so regular check-ups at the vets are important. Their long coats need brushing every few days, but otherwise, these cats don’t need lots of grooming or maintenance, making them particularly good pets for people who lead busy lives.


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