Cat Water Fountain Under $20: Our Favourite Budget Option

Cat Water Fountain Under $20

Cats have a really low thirst drive, and they don’t like to drink still water as well. So, a cat water fountain is really necessary to prevent your cat from getting kidney diseases and urinary problems.

Cats are picky in terms of drinking and eating. They don’t like to drink still water from a bowl. Wild cats get hydrated from the prey they catch, but home or pet cats don’t have that chance. In most cases, they stay dehydrated. As a result, home cats have a higher chance of getting kidney diseases and urinary problems.

The solution to these problems is a cat water fountain. Cats are really curious animals, so they get attracted to cat water fountains easily. Moreover, cat water fountains are safer than tap water in a bowl because almost every cat water fountain contains filters. 

What to look for when buying a cat water fountain?

Before buying a cat water fountain, you must be careful and consider things like filtration, water speed, water capacity, and  cat water fountain’s materials before buying one. Here’s why 

  1. Filtration: Purified water is one of the main reasons to use a cat water fountain. Before buying a cat water fountain, you must check if that contains carbon filtration or not. It is suggested to buy the charcoal filtration one. Charcoal absorbs more pollution than carbon. Moreover, there are many Gravitational fountains, as well. Please ignore them as they do not contain any filter.
  2. Water Speed: Water speed is another big factor when buying a cat water fountain. Because cats may be curious, they get hesitant and afraid of drinking if the fountain’s water flow speed is too high.
  3. Water Capacity: If you don’t want the hassle to change the water regularly, please check the fountain’s water capacity. As the water gets constantly filtrated, it’s suggested to buy a high water capacity “water fountain”- and be hassle-free.
  4. Materials: Materials are a must considering factor before buying a cat water fountain. If you want aesthetics and have a higher budget go for ceramic made fountains. On the other hand, if you have a moderate or low budget, go for a stainless steel one.

Well, we have learned enough about the cat water fountain. Now, let’s find out some of the best cat water fountain under $20. 

1. Wonder Creature Cat Water Fountain 

If you are looking for a value for money products, then the Wander Creature Cat Water Fountain is especially for you. It is the best product at this price point. Some of it’s most attractive features are:

  • Three carbon filters with a brush filter! So, you never have to worry about the safety and hygiene of your pet. 
  •  Surprisingly quiet and power-efficient pump. This pump’s noise stays below 40 decibels, and this power-efficient pump will last up to 4 years! So, No worries about sound & longevity.
  • 2 stage filtration system so that the water stays clean from the cat far and any other pollutions. 
  • Water level window with extra LED and three different modes so that you never forget to add water.
  • Super durable stainless steel body with a 1-year warranty!


2. RIOGOO Cat Water Fountain

If you are looking for a smart cat water fountain at an affordable price, this product is for you. RIOGOO Cat Water Fountain features some intelligent features that even premium cat water fountains don’t have. Let’s have a look at its impressive features.

  • It has an intelligent light indicator and auto power-off feature. The light indicates the water level, and it shuts off automatically when the water level is low so that you never have to worry about electricity bills.
  • It has a smart mode. In smart-mode, it works one minute after that takes a break for one minute. This mode made it super power-efficient. 
  • It has a three-layer filtration system. The first layer is made of cotton. The second layer contains activated carbon, and the last layer contains ion exchange resin. These made it super safe for pets. 
  • It has a one year guarantee! 

3. Lesotc Cat Water Fountain

This is the most reliable and power-efficient cat water fountain at the price point. If you are looking for reliability, then Lesotc Cat Fountain is for you. Let’s have a look at its features. 

  • Lesotc Cat Fountain has two bamboo charcoal filters with a stainless steel body. So, it’s easy to clean and safe for pets. 
  • It has an ultra-quiet pump with more than 20000 hours of runtime. 
  • Three ways water circulating system with a flower waterfall designed to attract pets. 
  • It’s made of environment-friendly materials with a water window and LED lights.
  • It has a 2L water tank with a smooth flow of water. 

4. SHU UFANRO Pet Fountain

If you want a simple but effective cat water fountain, this product is specially designed for you. SHU UFANRO Pet Fountain has all the aesthetics to attract any cat. Now let’s have a look at some of its basic features:

  • It has 2 LED systems. One is used to indicate the water level, and the other is used for aesthetics and attracts the pet. The second light is bright enough to use it in the dark, and it decorates the room as well. 
  • It has a circulating charcoal filtration system; it helps to purify water from food wastes, cat hair, pollutants, and whatnot. This feature makes SHU UFANRO Pet Fountain extra safe and healthy for cats. 
  • SHU UFANRO Pet Fountain is made of BFA free high-quality non-toxic, durable materials. So, it’s not only environmentally friendly and safe but also lasts long and easy to clean. 
  • It has an ultra-quiet and energy-efficient pump which operates under 40 decibels. So, it’s quiet enough to attract cats. 

4. MOOBONA Automatic Cat Fountain

MOOBONA Automatic Cat Fountain is the largest yet most compact cat water fountain on the list. If you have multiple cats, then this is the perfect choice for you. It has a big water capacity, yet it takes space as a normal cat water fountain. Let’s have a look at its impressive features

  • It has a large capacity of 2.4 liters. So 3-4 cats can drink water from it easily. Moreover, if you have one cat, you do not need to change the water daily.  
  • MOOBONA Automatic Cat Fountain has a submersible pump. So there is no noise at all. As a result, your cat can drink water quietly and comfortably.
  • It has a soft blue LED indicator. This special LED not only attracts pets but also increases the aesthetics of your room. 
  • It has a three-layer filtration system with 8 added extra filters in the box! Moreover, it comes with one year of guarantee. 

6. Panadol Cat Water Fountain

If you are looking for a simple yet unique cat water fountain for smaller cats, this product will be the best choice for you. It has a smaller tank and transparent design. Let’s look at its key features.  

  • It has the real-time observation of water level and water cleaning features because of its transparent design. Cats also find it attractive because of its design.
  • Panadol Cat Water Fountain has multiple high-quality charcoal filters. These filters are highly effective, and they are washable too.  
  • It has smart pump noise control, which reduces pump noise. So, it is very comfortable for pets. 
  • It is made from BPA-free, non-toxic materials and has a waterfall design that attracts the pets perfectly and makes waterfalls’ soothing sound. 

Where to put cat water fountain?

Put the cat water fountain near your cat’s personal space. The best place would be any corner of your cat’s room. Do not put the cat water fountain, near the litter box or any high traffic places in your house. 

Cats are intelligent but curious creatures. If you put your cat water fountain near the litter box, they may end up urinating in it. So, it is best to put the cat water fountain nowhere near the litter box. Cats also like to drink in peace. So it would be best if you put your cat water fountain in a peaceful quiet place where there is no chance of accidents.

Do cat water fountains use a lot of electricity?

No, Cat water fountains do not use a lot of electricity. They consume as little energy as a small lamp. So, there will be no noticeable change in your electric bill. 

No one likes extra electric bills. But the good news is, all the cat water fountains consume almost the same amount of electricity. The amount is so low that you won’t even notice. 

But if you want to use the cat water fountain outside, please buy a solar one. A solar cat water fountain is are as effective as any electric cat water fountain. 

Are cat water fountains safe?

Yes, Cat water fountains are completely safe. Moreover, they help to build a healthy habit of drinking more water for cats.

We all know how cats are in terms of drinking. As a result, they frequently suffer from dehydration, kidney diseases, and urinary problems. But cat water fountains are attractive and effective as well. So, cats get attracted to it easily and develop a healthy habit of being hydrated.

Most of the cat water fountains are made of non-toxic materials. So, there is no chance of toxicity. There are no sharp parts, as well. As a result, there is no chance of getting hurt by it. The 3-4 layer filtration system makes the fountains 100 times more healthy than tap water and bowls. Finally, a good cat water fountain becomes a place for cats to play, making them more active and good for their mental health.

So, did I answer all your concern about buying a cat water fountain under $20?

There are many cat water fountain under $20, but to help you choose some of the best cat water fountain under this price point I came up with this review. Here are few things you my consider after buying a cat water fountain:

  1. Follow the instructions that come with the cat water fountain for better results.
  2. Please change the water filters from time to time and clean the whole fountain.
  3. Try to buy a cat water fountain from a reliable source.


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