Black Smoke Norwegian Forest Cat Complete Guide [2022]

Black Smoke Norwegian Forest Cat

Black smoke Norwegian forest cat is also known as the Vikings cat, originating in Northern Europe. They have fluffy bodies, big paws, tails, and wedge-shaped heads, and they can adapt to a freezing climate and loves to climb and hunt.  Back smoke Norwegian cats are beloved by many cat lovers all around the world.

All Norwegian cat breeds have sturdier claws, which allow them to achieve impressive climbing feats. 

In this article I will add some interesting facts about this cat breeds so that you can add budding index of cat knowledge.

History of Black Smoke Norwegian Forest Cat

The Norwegian forest cat is the official cat of Norway (the national cat of Norway). The ancestors of black smoke Norwegian forest cats are known to be white and black short hair cats brought to Norway from Britain by Vikings around 1000 AD. Where and how this cat originated still remains a mystery.

It is said that the ancestor of the black smoke Norwegian Forest cat served as a mouser. This cat breed was discovered in the early 20 century by cat enthusiasts.

After World War II, the Norwegian forest cat becomes endangered, thanks to the Norwegian Forest  Cat Club (NFCC), who helped this cat breed comeback by developing a breeding program.

Through natural selection over thousands of years, this cat develops into a breed that can survive Norway’s long, harsh cold climate. Alos read my recent article on other black smoke car breed.

Personality of Black Smoke Norwegian Forest Cat

Although they are known as forest cats, this cat breed has no problems staying home with humans.  Norwegian forest is fond of family members but does not demand any constant attention for petting.

This cat is satisfied to stay in the same room with family members and enjoy themselves when no one is home but can be reserved with visitors.

This Norwegian fluffy cat definitely enjoys being at high places to get a full view of the surroundings.

The Black Smoke Norwegian is a strong & silent type of cat who is very observant; getting lost while viewing surroundings is his thing.  This cat is not loud like other cats, they only raise their voice when they are hungry.

If you have a Norwegian cat breed, make sure to give him/her plenty of climbing surface to hang out.

Norwegian forest cat takes time to get mature. Compared to other cats, they retain their kitten-like features for a long time. It takes at least five years to reach adulthood.

Black Smoke Norwegian Forest Cat Life Span & Disease

Black smoke Norwegian forest cats have an average life span of 15 years. They are considered a healthy cat breed compared to most other cat breeds.Obesity is one of the main reasons behind the heath issue of Black Smoke Norwegian forest cat.Excess weight can be an influential factor in developing diseases like cardiomyopathy, diabetes, osteoarthritis, etc.

To make your cat lose excess weight, you need to focus on their diet and keep them active. Provide your cat with low calories food diet(  avoid carbohydrate-based food). You can provide canned food to your cat; canned food is lower in calories than the same amount of dry food.

Don’t let your cat eat and sleep, play with your cat regularly, and take them outside for a walk. Keeping them playful and active, you can help your cat to stay healthy.

Black smoke Norwegian Forest Cat: Routine Care, Diet, and Exercise

  • Black smoke Norwegian Forest Cat has long hair, and they need daily brushing of their hair. 
  • Brush the teeth of your Norwegian cat at least twice a week.
  • Make your cat exercise regularly by taking them out for a walk or provide them high activity toys to keep them active. 
  • Feed your Norwegian high-quality protein diet.
  • Check their ear & gum and look for the sign of infection.
  • Feed your Norwegian cat adequate amounts of water. If your cat does not drink water from the bowl, try adding a water fountain. 
  • Never bath your Norwegian cat, instead of brush their hair daily to keep them fresh. 

If you want a playful, energetic, and cute cat, the Black Smoke Norwegian cat will be the best choice.

What is the Average Weight & Height of Black Smoke Norwegian Forest Cat?

Black smoke Norwegian is one of the largest cat breeds in the world. The average weight of a male Norwegian forest cat is 10 lbs to 22 lbs, while the female Norwegian forest cat is 8 lbs to 18 lbs. The average height of a Norwegian forest cat is 9 to 10 inches.

How much is a Black Smoke Norwegian Forest Cat

On average, the price of an adult Norwegian forest cat range between $700 to $2000. Kitten are less expensive than adult Norwegian cats. However, the cost of a Norwegian forest cat depends on its age and color pattern.

Did I Answer Everything You Wanted to Know About Black Smoke Norwegian Forest Cat?

To sum up, Black smoke Norwegian forest cat does not demand constant attention from its owner. In most cases, they can entertain themselves. They are larger than most other cat breeds. They can reach up to 22 lbs. As their ancestor lived in the forest and depended on hunting, this cat loves only a protein-based diet.

Black smoke Norwegian cat looks bigger than its actual size; they have long fur, making them look even larger. Though Norwegian cat looks cute, buts it’s tough to train them to learn the basic command.

Norwegian cat breed is friendly and will follow you around the house. They are not afraid to get in the water, as they have thick outer coats that work as a water repellent.


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