Black Smoke Cat Ultimate Guide [2020]

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Black Smoke cat was known to be one of the rarest cat breeds in the world. Back Smoke far is solid black at top and white at roots, which makes them look dramatic when they move. This drastic difference between their color coats makes them look smoky.

History of Black Smoke Cat

No one knows the actual origin of the Black Smoke Cat. But it is believed that black smoke cat is evolved by breeding silver tabbies to black & blues.

The early generation of smoke cats has green eyes. But In the late 1800’s when the 1st generation of smoke cat is crossed with black and blue, and eventually, the resulting offspring born with blue eyes.

However, in 1963 “All Pet Magazine” published a theory stating thatthe smoke came from a tabby in which the marking gene changed and, instead of producing black marks on the top of a silver-white coat, the mutation produced a solid black coat over the white.

Types of Black Smoke Cat Species

There are various species of black smoke cats such as:

  • Black Smoke Persian
  • Black Smoke Maine Coon
  • Black Smoke Norwegian Forest
  • Black Smoke Egyptian Mau
  • Black Smoke Turkish Angora
  • Black Smoke Siberian

Black Smoke Cat Personality, Lifespan, Size

The personality of a black smoke cat varies on its species. For example, the Persian black smoke cat personality is different from Maine Coon black smoke cat.

Black smoke cat personality depends on its origin. Following are the personalities of black smoke cat species:

Black Smoke Persian Personality 

The black smoke Persian average size is 60 cm and weight is 4.5 kg. Its average life span is about 15 to 19 years.

Black smoke Persian is very intelligent, loving, and affectionate. However, black smoke Persian is a high maintenance catfrequently grooming is advised. They are one of the best household pet as they are quiet and good-natured.

Black Smoke Maine Coon Personality 

This is the largest black smoke cat breeds. They have a strong personality which creates strong bonds with their owner.

Black smoke Maine coon is friendly, playful, and sweet in general. However, you need to pay special attention when they are a kitten.

The average weight of adult male black smoke Maine coon ranges from 5.9 to 8.2 kg and female rage from 3.6 to 5.4 kg. Their average life span is 10 to 15 years.

Black Smoke Norwegian Forest Personality

Black Smoke Norwegian forest is much-loved cat breeds known for its fluffy coats. They are intelligent, affectionate, and loving and they get along with family members easily.

Norwegian Black Smoke is a low maintenance cat and does not demand constant attention like other cats. The average size of Norwegian Black Smoke is 122 cm and the average weight is 22 lbs. Their average life span is about 15 years.

Black Smoke Egyptian Mau Personality

Black Smoke Egyptian Mau is a very intelligent cat breed. They can be easily trained to open doors, drawers, etc.

They are naturally athletic and also has hunting behavior. They can run like a Chita (30 miles per hour). As a household cat, they can easily get along with family members, especially with young kids.

The average lifespan of black smoke Egyptian Mau is 15 years. Their average weight ranges from 10 to 14 pounds.

Black Smoke Turkish Angora Personality

Black Smoke Turkish Angora is a beautiful looking cat breed with a black & white silky fur coat.They are very affectionate, smart, loyal, and playful. Black Smoke Turkish Angora is a favorite cat among many cat lovers.

They are very active and easy to train. However, they love to be around people and do not prefer being left over. Their average size is 60 cm and weight is 4.5 kg. Their average life span is about 14 years.

Black Smoke Siberian Personality

Black Smoke Siberian is suitable, affectionate, and friendly. If this cat is well socialized they will they can easily relate well with all kinds of individuals such as children, adults, other pet cats, or dogs.  Black Smoke Siberian requires special attention from their owner.

The average weight of black smoke Siberian is between 4.5 kg to 9 kilograms. The average lifespan of the Siberian cat is between 11 to 15 years.

Black Smoke Cat Price?

black smoke cat price

There is no exact information about the price of a black smoke cat. Previously some species of adult black smoke were sold between $650 to $10000. However, the price of black smoke kitten range from $350 to $4500.

The price of a black smoke cat depends on its species. Usually, Persian black smoke cats are more expensive than other black smoke breeds.

Is Black Tabby Cat Rare?

According to multiple sources, black smoke or black-tabby is a rare color in the random cat population.  If one parent is black smoke then there is a chance that one of its kittens will also be black smoke. Though the black smoke cat is not common in the random cat population if you cross solid black cat with a silver cat than there are changes that all of its kittens will be black smoke.

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