About Alif Hossain Mishu

Well, my story is a bit different. I started my career as a writer, though I have a degree in Engineering. I completed my study on Information Technology. After finishing my bachelor’s degree, besides searching for a full-time job, I used to work as a freelance writer to earn passive income.

Currently, I am working at a software company as an engineering professional, but I never stop my writing passion. I no more work as a freelance writer; instead, I start writing on my websites.

The Ideas of Establishing Bitemunch.com

One day after watching a movie named “The Secret Life of Pets,” I asked myself why I don’t start a blogging website on cats, as I have been with cats since I was six years old. This is how the idea of establishing this website begins. Now I write on this website about cats every weekend and share my cat knowledge with other cat owners.

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